This False Compare         poems by Andrew Cox August 2019

The author would like to thank the editors of the following publications in which the poems in this volume have appeared:

2River View
“From Me Far Off, with Others All Too Near” and “Lilies That Fester Smell Far Worse Than Weeds”
Anti-: “Drugs Poison Him that so Fell Sick of You”

Blue Fifth Review
“You Had a Father, Let Your Son Say So”

“Love’s Fire Heats Water, Water Cools Not Love”

Blackbox Manifold
“For Truth Proves Thievish for a Prize so Dear,” “That on Himself Such Murd’rous Shame Commits” and “The Hardest Knife Ill Us’d Doth Lose His Edge”

Corium Magazine
“To Eat the World’s Due, by Grave and by Thee” and “As with Your Shadow I with These Did Play”

Hamilton Stone Review
“I Will Not Praise that Purpose Not to Sell,” “To Hear with Eyes Belongs to Love’s Fine Wit” and “That Every Tongue Says Beauty Should Look So”

“As Any She Belied with False Compare”

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