This False Compare         poems by Andrew Cox August 2019

To Eat the World’s Due, by Grave and by Thee

Shakespeare, sonnet 1

Today I offer to carry everyone’s sadness and deliver it
To the door of the room in the hotel called Vacancy
Where they can unpack it and hang it in the closet
To wait for the day they intend to wear it on their sleeve
Cuff links and all with a matching tie and remember the tip
And how it made them feel they had done me a favor
Today I offer to stand by and wait with hand out
And accept whatever they give me in this tired uniform and silly hat
And shoes that know the way to every room
Where the floors have accommodated all the pacing
And have no idea what the walls think and why the ceilings
Are stained and cracked and laughing behind everyone’s back
Today I offer to haul the sadness until the rooms are full
And the hotel changes its name to No Vacancy

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