This False Compare         poems by Andrew Cox August 2019

Drugs Poison Him that So Fell Sick of You

Shakespeare, sonnet 118

Pretend you are not taking this
Pretend you did not wash it down with that amber drink
And pretend you are not here with these people
Where slacks and a tight sweater
Talk to penny loafers with no socks and a gold chain

Pretend winter arrives inside you while a summer dress
Kisses a mustache that belongs to someone else
Pretend the snow is falling while shorts and a muscle shirt
Sashay across the deck with a string of pearls

Pretend you are a blizzard and everyone else
Is what they wear and what they don’t say
And what they look like to the babysitter

Pretend you are a white out while everyone else
Waits for the tan and toothsome grin

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