This False Compare         poems by Andrew Cox August 2019

All Losses Are Restor’d, and Sorrows End

Shakespeare, sonnet 30

That sigh you hear is nothing but what and its entourage
While when rides a pony at the fair and why
Waits for the earthquake to come and say no
You’re never going to understand what happened

That shout you hear is not because someone is in trouble
And the far-off sirens fade in and out for something
That has a mind of its own and has decided
To pout and not eat its vegetables for dinner

That regret you taste is a reminder to leave her alone
And remember you don’t want x-ray vision
Because you don’t want to see what’s on the film

That relief you taste is nothing but an attempt
To deal with the decisions you made under duress
And know you can still grin and that’s enough

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