This False Compare         poems by Andrew Cox August 2019

As with Your Shadow I with These Did Play

Shakespeare, sonnet 98

They line up the ones who think they have something to say
Waiting for their turn to watch home movies
And the mothers come home tipsy
To the cats at the door waiting to go out for the night
While someone tells someone else they are moody
The meaning of which sets sail to take advantage of the wind
To sail through the sludge of our muddled thinking
Out there on the great expanse no one to help us
When there’s no father to say hello dear glad you made it home
And the children are just kids in the sandbox
Who will decide when they grow up through the garbled voices
Whether they will use needles or not
As the pain like a sky filled with a cloud shaped like a nose
Sniffs out the sadness no one sees shuffling up the street

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