Henry Stanton The 2River View, 10.1 (2005)


I can not have that shadow waiting down in the moonless valley for me
I go down to drive it off
have faith and pursue the unknown end a black gurgling stream
my staff shattering the new ice in the hollow of the bend and driving off the selfish clouds
on the other side a fox was killing a cat
from out here stopped down the steep side of the hill listen at my own bark and yowl
nest of cloths hangers still thrown down on the bed
even if my wife's been by

up there in my home a strict indoor light
none of the things have meaning I have found are there any more
neither are they here smell of crushed onion grass
sad angry as I am at spring that morning
blossoms on the cherry tree swell and
foolish cardinal sings before the breathless sun rises.

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