Poems The 2River View, 10.1 (2005)

Richard Freed
On the Morning That You'll Die

Arlene Ang
The 49th Day
Schoolgirl Knees

Lightsey Darst
Notes to the Fifth Lover

Laura McCullough
Axis Around Which
Religion Is the New Black

Lauren Mitchell
Nonlinear Dynamics
Some Chickens

Matthew Flaming
Four Couplets

Ed Shannon
All Things Must End

Henry Stanton

Kirk VanDyke
I Wish to See Your Face
Without It

Lisa Zaran
The Blues Are All the Same

Systems Gave Birth to Cages by Gregory Euclide

Systems Gave Birth to Cages
© 2005 by Gregory Euclide

About the Artist

Recently featured in New American Paintings, Gregory Euclide explores in his art the relationship of space and landscape. In his work, for instance, a wind current carrying spores from a decaying marsh could very well allude to the entropy of particles.