Henry Stanton The 2River View, 10.1 (2005)

This species is split!

What ache am I for?
Which direction do you blow?
Which petal in this search peach and pink orange and green fluttering leaves lush rose of the winds?
Who are you standing in the garden one cocked hip who do you want me to be my hands crumbling up clods of black earth?
Dark lover dirty lover bite down hard on my nipples harsh cracked and sweaty lips
like the day you were born
make me bleed.
That was the day that splintered
our square shaved head with the shaft staff fashioned from the broken spade.
That was the day we grew back up split and put together I will love you but
be myself?
don't make me laugh
a filigree of broken bones
my longing is terrible.

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