Living Midair    poems by Karen June Olson April 2019


Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following journals in which some of the poems first
appeared (sometimes in earlier versions and with different titles): 2River: “Voice Lessons In a
Writing Class,” “A River,” “This Time Around,” “A Struggle to Get Out”; and Third Wednesday: “The
Grand Return.”

The author is indebted to Allison Funk for her wisdom and instruction and to my other guides, Marge Piercy, Pam Garvey, Richard Long, and Jim Goodman. She gives praise to her sisters The Confluence Writers: Allison Funk, Melanie Klug, Ruthie Kubicek, and Sally Burgess, their encouragement and friendship shaped this book; to her daughters Rachel and Michele Finkelstein who inspire her; and to her dear husband, Marv Finkelstein who listened to each written word.

Copyright 2River. Please do not use or reproduce without permission.