Quarterly since 1996: Submit


The 2River View is published four times a year. The reading period for each issue is as follows:

May 1 - July 31
Fall Issue
August 1 - October 31
Winter Issue
November 1 - January 31
Spring Issue
February 1 - April 30
Summer Issue

2River considers unpublished poems only. An unpublished poem is one that has not appeared in any form of print or digital media, including personal or public blogs. A poem from a private, online workshop, however, would be considered, as long as the final version of the poem does not appear in a public space.

Keep in mind that simultaneous submissions can cause problems. Strong poems submitted early in the reading period will obviously be held for possible publication. If you are uncomfortable with a wait of up to three months, rather than sending simultaneous submissions, consider submitting toward the end of any given reading period.

Before submitting, please read several issues of The 2River View. The poems there best indicate the 2River standard. Each issue of 2RV consists of 10 poets only, and usually there are more than three-hundred submissions for each issue.

Submit no more than five poems, once per reading period. If accepted, 2River claims First Electronic Rights and First North American Rights, meaning that publications here at 2River must be the first publication to feature the work online and/or in print.

2River does not solicit donations, does not apply for grants, and does not include advertisements anywhere on the site or in the print versions of its publications. Consequently, 2River is unable to pay authors for poems accepted.