Of People I Want To Need Me

division 1

I Do Not Expect To Be One Much Longer

It's Not Longer Than a Life.


please, continue.

The Visitor's Eye.

Were You Listening.


Regretting The Night.



I've sat here
Right on this spot
And cried, more like weeping,
Looking around the room, thinking
How empty it was filled
With every odd find
From flea market trips
Ending in soft icecream
And excited inspections
Of state shaped ashtrays.
Cactus lamps.
Watching the goldfish
Wondering if they have peace-of-mind
Happy at being brought home
From the Robinson St. Fish Shop
Where they were meant to be
Feeder fish
For snakes across the railroad tracks.
Trying to remember water
The plants that I saved
From the garbage of others
Left in the clearance bin
For nintynine cents.
Sifting through bags
Of gumball toys
Cellophane packages
From novelty shops--
Dolphins, dancing cowboys,
Rubber worms--
That hung on the wall
Like plaques given for a race
I didn't win.

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division 2

You Can Peer Into The Cracks


Things Happen.



A Borrowed Bed.

A Love Poem.

I Remember.

Through My Mother's Eyes.