Of People I Want To Need Me

division 1

I Do Not Expect To Be One Much Longer

It's Not Longer Than a Life.


please, continue.

The Visitor's Eye.

Were You Listening.


Regretting The Night.



I thought it was a boy on this public
holiday. Tapping on the pavement.
Walking past the yard, stick in hand
It seemed a reasonable image to me.
But I didn't want to hear it
in my bed.
And the tap, tap, tapping was interfering
In my struggle to dig into the covers
Thinking that I had all I needed
At hand, to keep me
in my bed.
The curtains were draped
excessively with tablecloths.
The coffee and telephone by the bed
were useless in keeping me
in my bed

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division 2

You Can Peer Into The Cracks


Things Happen.



A Borrowed Bed.

A Love Poem.

I Remember.

Through My Mother's Eyes.