Of People I Want To Need Me

division 1

I Do Not Expect To Be One Much Longer

It's Not Longer Than a Life.


please, continue.

The Visitor's Eye.

Were You Listening.


Regretting The Night.


A Borrowed Bed.

From quiet bodies folded
Close in rumpled layers
Of warm bedding
I feel the ceiling
Move me with the window's
Reflected light.
The color casts me
Into a day of dogs
Answering silent sounds
With nails like tacks
That skitter across wood floors
To greet unknown visitors
Passing in the rain
Tracing steps
That take them to other doors
For coffee and bagels
In crumpled paper bags dampened
In their hands.

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division 2

You Can Peer Into The Cracks


Things Happen.



A Borrowed Bed.

A Love Poem.

I Remember.

Through My Mother's Eyes.