A Note for Johnny Coral Hull


“the flies” “of the donkeys ears” “and legs” “the
magpies” “and the currawongs” “of the dam” “and the
honey-eater” “wiping his beak” “on a branch” “the three
donkeys” “hee-hawing” “like bagpipes” “Chrissy”

“Chrissy” “oh Chrissy” “was very sick” “the day” “the
apple dropped” “from her mouth” “her big donkey head”
“could not chew it” “she looked” “as if she wanted“
“me” “to do” “something” “I held her” “head” “to my

chest” “like a barrel” “a donkey’s head” “is so large” “so
much expression” “the warm” “brown” “buttery eyes”
“the daylight” “melts in them” “birds” “in the nearby
trees” “crows” “magpies” “some wrens on the wire

fence” “that have picked the bugs” “from her buckled
back” “Chrissy, dying” “gently the slobbered apple”
“drops out of her mouth” “you can be invisible” “she
sees it fall” “onto the ground” “she lies down” “the farm

doesn’t take long” “the farm is moving” “around the
bones” “the farm” “doesn’t” “take much time” “to eat
the flesh” “and bone” “after four weeks” there was
nothing” “left” “of Chrissy” “nothing left” “of her” “just

a patch” “of her rich chocolate fur” “stuck to the skull”
“a wet rug” “chocolate fur“  “the farm has eaten her”
“polished her bones” “bones still moist” “sucked on”
“by daylight” “dawn came, coldly” “all her brief life”

“the property” “has not loved her” “as you had hoped”
“it would” “did she hurt?” “but” “no longer” “it has
eaten her up” “now polishes” “her bones” “her eyes”
“gone first” “delicious” “to birds” “you can be invisible”

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