A Note for Johnny Coral Hull


“my talking feet” “feet talking of tiredness” “walking”
“and walking” when I see the great distance” “I think”
“so far to go” “across little jagged rocks” “out” “in the
field” “and ditches” “that make the ground unstable”

“you could twist” “your ankle” “these are ankle twisting
fields” “slow” “undulating” “tablelands fields” “footfall”
“and rock moment fields” “not your regular territory”
“look down” “and live” “here” “right now” “it happens”

“the barbed wire” “on the gate” “snatches the sleeve” “of
your shirt” “wait awhile” “it says” “wait a while here”
“it says” “have you seen” “the way” “the wind” “or
even” “the slightest breeze” “gently tilts” “the

dandelion?” “there are some days” “on the Rylstone
property” “that are so gentle” “the sky takes on this
gentleness” “so that even the autumn sun” “tilts in the
breeze” “like a giant dandelion” “and the birds are

drunk” “and slow to land” “and the dandelions” “are
trembling” “at the base” “of your shoe” “all our
existence!” “all our existence!” “all our existence!”

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