A Note for Johnny Coral Hull


“is that the moon?” “the sickle moon” “cold faced”
“across the fields” “how can we describe” “the moon”
“again” “to those” “we love” “our children?” “how
would we describe” “the moon” “to the flying fox” “so

that they didn’t all grin” “at us?” “how” “to listen” “to
everything?” “the cows that live inside” “the peace of
the tabletops” “from the dawn” “’til dusk glow” “ask
them” “listen” “they will speak to you” “with their

silence” “the peace” “of the stars” “the gaseous clusters”
“of the milky way” “the peace” “of the huntsman” “with
the banded legs” “positioned” “by the opened window”
“the peace of the old blue heeler” “who followed me”

“way out” “to the grazing chestnut horse” “beyond the
house paddock” “the peace of my hat” “my coat, boots”
“my childhood” “my lover” “the sun on my forearms”
“the peace” “of the house paddock” “that is” “his”

“responsibility” “the peace of responsibility” “the peace
of land” “without any” “the stars” “hanging” “in
treetops” “midnight fruit” “fruit” “passing through” “the
many hours” “of the early morning” “from midnight”

“the branches” “held the stars” “just like” “they had“
“created them” “like it was” “the branches” “who had
created” “the raveling light” “the light” “which had
taken a thousand light years” “or more” “to travel” “to

the branches” “of the casuarinas” “the stringy barks

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