Poems The 2River View, 9.1 (Fall 2004)

Janet Buck
The Bell Jar Revisited

Robyn Art
Eleventh Hour in Survival Town
The Salutarian's Ten Year Reunion

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
After School
Reading Berrymain Again

Lightsey Darst
The Chimes

Charlie Holland
I Could Have Used the Bed Sheets
The Hill, the Town

Eve Jones
I have heard that the body
Naming the Roses

Clay Matthews
Crank Capital, USA
Where There's Smoke

Brent Pallas
Being Elvis
Corned Beef

Jayne Pupek
On the Bridge with Spalding Gray
What If

David Starkey
The Devil Beats HisWife: New York City, 1952

Ocean by Kelly Darek

Ocean © 2004 by Kelly Darke

About the Artist
Kelly Darke's work is shown regularly at Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson, New York;`and Orchard Lake Framing and Gallery in Keego Harbor, Michigan. Her current art consists of abstract and floral paintings; and wearable crocheted metalwork in silver,
gold, copper, and mixed media.

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