Robyn Art The 2River View, 9.1 (Fall 2004)

The Salutarian’s Ten-Year Reunion

I was one of the few and the many
Fled willy-nilly from their homes,
Veteran of tough love and Holy Rollers,

Friday benders and Yellow Dog Contracts,
2-fer-one’s and bituminous hills.
Was I not afraid of falling,

I would haggle ’til the cows came home.
Mine is the place past the razed-out meadow

And the factory’s sternutations of grime.
If you came here to witness the god-awful tome
Of my hijinxs,

All that is gone, vamoosed,
Save the audiogenic wah-wah

Of my dreams.
Give me something to lay my head on,
And friend, I will

Never 4get you....

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