Contents The 2River View, 7.2 (Winter 2003)

Walter Bargen
Stupid Dead

Rachel Dacus
At the Blank Wall

Raymond Farr
Ecstatic Angels
Winter Lyric

William J. Neumire

Lissa Nilson
Additional Bones
A Black Car on the Highway

Joanna Pearson
The Eastern Band
Twenty-Four Hour Train

Jessy Randall
Mona in Cars
Mona's Medicine

Dan Sicoli
a brilliance less maddening
death spell

Merry Speece
Into The

John Straw
Native Blanket
Neglected to Say

Snow in Other Realms by Tantra Bensko

Snow in Other Realms © 2003 by Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko is a well published and displayed poet and artist. Much of her work can be seen at She lives in the mist at Steamboat Island in Washington.

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