Lissa Nilson The 2River View, 7.2 (Winter 2003)

Additional Bones

You are the type of person,
who can peel away at your own flesh,
revealing the bones you possess
that others do not.
Like an additional metacarpal shoved
into your rib cage
scored with articular depressions,
or the studded scapula belt wrapped
proudly around your hip bone.
You display these miraculous additions to them.
Expecting from them applause, wonder or even attempts at imitation.
But you shouldn’t have taunted from your moving jaw line
about those sticks and stones
or shown off your skeletal frame and its delicate whiteness.
Nobody likes to be outdone, not even at the frame level.
Because of this, they threw rocks and preformed surgeries on you,
leaving themselves with their hammering heartbeats they possess,
while you do not.

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