Dan Sicoli The 2River View, 7.2 (Winter 2003)

death spell

when you passed
i inherited your crown victoria
ironic, i thought
how something so cherished
could fall into my inept hands

i took the winter train
to cleveland and after signing papers
focused your headlights home
along the lake
intent on selling it over it's market
profiting from all your upkeep and daily washings

just outside the city limits
as cold rain dropped
fogging windows
a phantasm slowly materialized

you appeared riding shotgun
neatly dressed and twenty years younger
repeating your name aloud over radio static
could not capture your attention
aloof, never veering from the windshield
where wipers battled

suspect, i reached out to touch your shoulder
but like being caught with my arm in the fridge
it immersed into your side
and my fingers pulled at strange cool molecules
like lips mouthing silent messages
you, the ghost that undresses me
the tranquil pretty corpse
the elusive song of night fire

once in my driveway
rain hesitated
i cut the engine
and darted to my side entrance
as my key slipped into hole
i spied your reflection in the storm door
and admired how you stubbornly remained
in a stillness only disturbed by
quarks rummaging through the damp air

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