All Quiet Now

All Quite Now © 2000 by Stephen Eiring
31" X 37", Acrylic & Gold Leaf


Joel Chace has poems in recent publications such as Lost and Found Times, Tomorrow, Big Bridge, pith, and Three Candles. Uncertain Relations, a book-length poetic sequence, was published in June, 2000, by Birch Brook Press. Forthcoming are Greatest Hits, from Pudding House Publications, and o-d-e, from Runaway Spoon Press. His hypertext poem The City on the Hill is in the 2River Chapbook Series.

Dee Cohen lives in Southern California, where she is the director of a large childcare center. She has been published on and off line in Faultline, RipRap, California Quarterly, Stirring, and Poetry Super Highway.

Brian Hensel, the creator and founding editor of The Isle Review, earns his living as a freelance writer, editor, and waiter. His poetry has appeared in The Boston Poet and The Boston Globe.

Siel Ju recently left New York City to return to Los Angeles, where she is reading, writing, and preparing to apply to MFA programs. Her work has been published in New Works Review and Allegheny Review.

Lyn Lifshin has published numerous books of poetry, as well as anthologies of writing by women. Her latest collection, Before It's Light, has just been published by Black Sparrow Press. Information about the collection can be found at Lifshin's website.

Joseph Lisowski teaches English at Mercyhurst College North East. His published books include The Brushwood Gate, Spring Street Blues, Looking for Lauren, and Near the Narcotic Sea. He has recently been appointed poetry editor New Works Review.

Radames Ortiz lives in Houston, where he edits The Bayou Review and Coyote Magazine. His work has appeared online at Barriolife and LatinoLingo. He recently published Below the Surface, with illustrations by Tiziano Hernandez. Mr. Ortiz is also the recipient of the Fabian Worsham award for Poetry.

Ann Politte is a health information specialist in St. Louis, Missouri, but lives south of the city in rural Jefferson County, where she spends her evenings swimming in Spring Lake.

Jennifer Poteet lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, working by day in Manhattan in the Cable TV industry. Her poetry has appeared in Salonika, Stirring, The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, Thunder Sandwich, Absinthe Literary Review, and

Kim Welliver has had several poems published in local journals and has won state writing competitions. She currently has two novels with an agent.