Brian Hensel The 2River View, 5.1 (Fall 2000)


O sunfish, so fast in the water,
you make me breathe heavy
trying to catch you, your tan

your tight muscles, and we smile
as we pass, me doing breast, you
the crawl—I love your form.

And naked in the shower, it is hard
for me to look, and now I'm embarrassed
by my body, I want my eyes to rest

on you. And that kiss I keep
trying to give you, it does mean
something. I think it stands for hope.

O sunfish, I am afraid, I am afraid
you'll swim away, and I'll never
catch you, your blond hair, your blue

eyes that speak to me while I try to stuff
my pain in that place where a man like you
does not belong, and even if I let you read

this poem you may wonder what is wrong
with me, why does that man think so much,
why can't he just accept it's all a part of him?

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2River All is well.