Jennifer Poteet The 2River View, 5.1 (Fall 2000)

Numbers Game

She handed me her phone number
and a poem.
Two pieces of paper.
I unfolded one of the pieces
on the street and read it.
It had a lyric ring.
The phone number, not the poem.
I didn't read the poem until later, in bed.
It was about numerology,
which I know zero about
and she had misspelled 'numerology'
three times.

Still, it was nice
to be given a verse
by someone with a pretty smile
on a Wednesday afternoon
as I got off the downtown #9.
I tried to call her several times
although she hadn't written down her name
but the phone was always busy.
There are patterns, you know,
that push buttons make.
They play a little melody, too
if you're lucky enough to get the numbers right.

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