The 2River View 24.2 (Winter 2020)

Dana Knott

Winter Love Poem

Already the snow
has graffitied the car
in white as we walk
together, solitary
walkers in a crystalline
world. Everyone else
may be dead
as we pull our coats tighter
huddle our bodies closer
each breath a shock
an affirmation, a wisp
of warmth and cold
snowflakes fall like ashes 
silent and full, each crystal 
with a speck of dirt 
or pollution at its heart
Let us exist always
only in this moment

but the wind, our skin, the chill

Dana Knott is the Library Director and a member of the Core Faculty at Antioch University Midwest. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, Bitter Oleander, and Parhelion Literary Magazine.

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