The 2River View 23.4 (Summer 2019)

Taylor D. Waring

a snowman to abduct me

all night the snowman spoke of his moon
with an unknown
glacial drawl

by dawn i could see the furred
corpse of a squirrel
from his tinfoil
top hat

a rusted antenna & what appeared

to be an abandoned alternator
behind his copper ribcage

he told me
he came from the other side
of mars

where it is always winter

i said i understood
how it feels to scan the sky
with my bones
hoping for an alien beacon
to call me home

why everyone in the universe is alone

a snowman to warm me

his eyes marbled into diamond
as i poured his slick remains
into a shot glass

shaped like a pistol

our heads cocked
back & skyward
like lamps

i did not know how to thank him
for the buzz

as i lit on fire
what was left
of his face

this is terrible
only if you don't

it is always winter on his planet
it is always snowing
in his head

Taylor D. Waring plays in the psychedelic sludge band Merlock. Waring is also the Managing Editor of Willow Springs Books.

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