The 2River View 23.3 (Spring 2019)

KD Miller

Taylor Altman
Broccoli Moon
California 99

Lauren Davis
Father Fills the Tanks with Bleach
Floyd Spreads Famine on His Black Horse

Tina Quinn Durham
The Bird That Loved
Lost Happiness and Lasting Pain

Cecil Morris
Persephone, Wasting
What's a Mother to Do

Bern Mulvey
Next to the Pohnpei Post Office a WWII Tank
Rain Squall at the Nan Madol Ruins

Lindsey Siferd
elegy for all the goddamn feather
bojack horseman is the only kind of art i want to consume

Mary Sun
Trauma/vision I

Jeremy Voigt
The Barred Owl's Hiss
The Size of Your Funeral Will Be Determined By the Weather

John Whalen
Hot Springs
News of My Virtuous Doings

There Be Kites Up There

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