Poems The 2River View, 9.3 (Spring 2005)

Paul Dickey
The Consequences of My Actions

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
Skin to Skin

Jefferson Carter
The Avante Garde
November 2004

M. Chavez
The Oldest Profession
Virgin Eyes

Laylage Coruie
When Birds Dream
Why People Die

Jen Currin
The Hand Is Equal Parts Healer and Fool
The Mountain Highway


George Freek
Night Music
The Persistence of Memory

Joy Icayan
Catatonic in Prayer
In the Morturary

Mercedes Lawry
Looking at Van Gogh
Nine Botantists Starve in Stalingrad

Nicole Poirier
A Poem for God's Apples
Theory This

M. Lynx Qualey
Getting Rid of the Hiccups
The Odds

About the Artist

Mark Flowers has exhibited his work throughout the United States and in Europe, and is currently mounting his fifth one-person show with Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work can be found in 25 public and over 250 private collections.



Homage to Mountain Tea Lane © 2005 by Mark Flowers
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