Authors The 2River View, 9.3 (Spring 2005)
Wendy Taylor Carlisle lives and works in Texas. Most recently her poems have appeared in Caesura, Ghoti Magazine and Unlikely Stories.

Jefferson Carter is Writing Department Chair for Pima Community College. He’s had work in Barrow Street, Carolina Quarterly, CrossConnect, and here at 2River. His sixth chapbook is Litter Box (Spork Press).

M. Chavez lives in San Francisco. “So You Want to Be a Stripper” was recently integrated into the play Pure Gold Baby, which opened last fall in Portland, Oregon.

Laylage Courie writes, performs, and lives in New York City. She’s currently working on a tabletop arrangement for voice and debris based on Wallace Stevens’ poem "Like Decorations in a Nigger Cemetery."

Jen Currin has fled the States for Vancouver, where she is a member of the poetry collective vertigo west. Recent poems appear in The Massachusetts Review, Mudfish, and 42opus.

Paul Dickey last appeared in 2RV in Spring 2004. Since then, his prose poetry and micro-fiction have appeared in Cue, Sentence, Wild Strawberries, and magazine minima.

George Freek has poems in The Chaffin Journal and Coal City Review. Other publications include Waiting for Julia (Playscripts), Concerto Grosso (JAC Publishing), and In Stanley’s Room (Aviar Press).

Joy Icayan lives in the Philippines and is currently taking her undergraduate degree in psychology.

Mercedes Lawry has been publishing poetry for thirty years in journals such as Crab Creek, Fine Madness, Mudlark, Poetry, and Plum Biscuit. Her awards include those from Artist Trust and the Seattle Arts Commission.

Nicole Poirier is a freelance writer from Saskatchewan. Other poems of hers are scheduled soon for future publication. She is currently writing and editing her first book of poetry.

M. Lynx Qualey fled no apparent persecution in the Midwest for a life in the Middle East, where she writes and wrangles a one-year-old boy. Her prose poems and flash ficition appear in The Melic Review and Smokelong Quarterly.

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