Contents The 2River View, 7.1 (Fall 2002)

Gabriel Arquilevich
Apology to My Son, Eight Months in the Womb

Adrienne Banks
Cervical Biopsy
Rickets in Winter

Wendy Carlisle
Dorothy, After

James Grinwis
Configuration of Crumbs

Vicki Hudspith
Forgiving the Desert
The Inebriation of Salt

Marlene von Lintzer
Father at the Ocean
The Grave Robber's Monologue

Walt McDonald
Another Montana Dawn
In a San Juan Mountain Cabin

Rochelle Ratner
As It Happens
Moving Out

John Sweet
discussing fear while thinking of a poem...
unfinished scenes from a burning world

David Wright
Looking at Bluestem Before Leaving Decatur
Tending Gardens

Mass on the Rock © 2002 by Oliver Curran

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