Adrienne Banks The 2River View, 7.1 (Fall 2002)

Cervical Biopsy

after the malignant cells removed,
in my dreams
the only way for a man
to touch a woman
is to carve the bad parts out
the gray rot meat out,
a fish fillet,
as if the only proper way
for a man and woman to meet
is at the cervix with a razorblade

it is easy to catch
the tongue by the hook.
the little private fish,
like a kitty tongue
sick at the mouth of me.

but I remember when
my first fish was filleted
her opal scales cold
choke mouth drowning
gills fanning
and I remember the trauma
of finding the belly full
the blade blink
the blood and egg stream
rinse clear with such rush
the fish eggs. flesh baubles. perfect.
flush downstream.

the bad parts carved out

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