3_2 (Winter 1999)


hortensia anderson is a lower east side, new york city poet. She has had one volume of poetry, Trust, published by Fly-By-Night Press, as well as two chapbooks --georgia on my mind and awareness of rose-- by Imp Press, and beg, borrow or steal by Betty Elyse Press.

Yellow BuildingA Canadian, Gregory Betts is prone to view nature not as a vast, desolate sphere that indicates more than a realm of isolation, but as a chance to find a deeper connection to a vibrant and thriving realm. He has been writing for eons, now, but has published only eleven poems. He always looks forward to summer excursions in the mountains. Feel free to send him email at gbbetts@hotmail.com.

John Bush lives in Georgia with his wife and two-year old daughter, where he teaches English and coaches debate.He vacations during Christmas in the Florida Keys and spends his spring breaks and all other vacations in the Georgia Mountains, where he enjoys trout fishing.

Catherine Daly has published many individual poems off and on-line. She teaches the UCLA online poetry workshop and works as a computer engineer supporting the space shuttle orbiter.

R. Virgil Ellis is widely published; the foreword to his first book of poems, The Blue Train, was written by William Stafford. Another volume, The Tenting Cantos, has just been published on the internet at Woodhenge Press. Open My Eyes, one of his albums of performance poetry, has been aired on National Public Radio and on WNYC. He has often given performances on Wisconsin Public Radio's Hotel Milwaukee. His work with Dangerous Odds is aired twice-monthly on WORT in Madison.

John Horvath Jr has had poems on the strange and stranger appear since the 1970s in Australian, British, Canadian, and US magazines. A complete bibliography with links is on his home page. He is is Editor of PoetryRepairShop.

Marie Kazalia was born in Toledo, Ohio but has lived her adult life primarily in the San Francisco bay area , with the exception of four expatriate years in Japan, India, and Hong Kong. She has a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts. Her poetry and prose are widely published in print and on the internet.

Linda Leavitt is a graphic designer/editor, a mom, and a self-proclaimed beach bum. She hosts the on-line poetry magazine, Free Zone Quarterly, featuring the work of little known writers and artists. A chapter of her poetry appears in the Athens Avenue Poetry Circle's anthology A Year on the Avenue (Deer Isle, Maine: Two Dog Press). She is a member of The Delaware Valley Poets; two of her poems appear in their newest anthology.

Jessy Randall is a rare book librarian in Philadelphia. When she was nine years old, in response to the death of her hamster, she wrote her first poem. (That poem remains unpublished.) Other poems have appeared on the internet in The Blue Moon Review and Snakeskin, and are forthcoming in the print journals Mudfish and Bogg.

Michael Rothenberg has had work appear in Sycamore Review, Exquisite Corpse, Berkeley Poetry Review, Lungfull!, Mudlark, Pyrowords, and Rockhurst Review. He is editor and publisher of Big Bridge Press and Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else. He is more recently editor of Overtime, Selected Poems by Philip Whalen due out with Penguin Putnam, Inc. in 1999.

Allegra Wong is completing an M.A. in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University. Her poetry and prose have been published in numerous magazines, including Modern Haiku, Turnstile, Oyster Boy Review, and The Montserrat Review. She is the founder of ReadingWrite, an on-line creative writing workshop.

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