Marie Kazalia

full photographic reproduction
of the Vietnam war memorial
with all the names
in black & white mounted on the lawn
at a University
I happened to be passing
on my way
from the library and stopped to reflect
tears came to my eyes---
by a cautious to-get-her story
questioning whether I had some dead relative
listed there or friend or former lover
suffering over
She didn't understand
when I told her No
I just felt
Didn't tell her about my poetic romantic nature
Didn't understand my own depression yet either
She thoroughly disgusted
thinking me some kind of a nut
slammed down her caution
made some annoyed comment
femme-brutal as only to another female
the blonde news-whore flounced away
taking my moment of contemplation with her

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The 2River View, 3_2 (Winter 1999)