3_1 (Fall 1998)


Yumiko Awae is a professional lazy bum and an amateur artist in withering in LosT Angeles. Her poetry has been published in a few local zines across the nation. Currently, her CD collection exceeds the number of poems she's written, a balance that she hopes to change.

Erin Bealmear is a recent college graduate with an expertise in the Wintergreen Lifesaver Effect. Her current passions though are color copiers and printers, two amazing yet underrated inventions, in her opinion. Crazy Picasso

Robert James Berry is a Londoner, currently living on Penang Island, in West Malaysia, where he lectures in English Literature & Language at the University of Science. He's had poems published in the States, England, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada & Sweden.

Janet Buck teaches college writing and literature and has published in journals, magazines and anthologies across the United States. Her poetry sites on the web have received more than thirty awards. Writing, she says, is a tuba in a long parade that chases pain and sorrow to its dissolution.

Colby Chester published his first book of poetry , Seizing Paradise, in 1992. Three of his original radio plays have been produced for broadcast over KMPC in Los Angeles, and most recently his Christmas story, Writer's Cramp, was produced for broadcast over NPR during the Christmas holidays. He currently lives in Seattle, producing narrative and dramatic radio.

Ruth Daigon edited Poets On: for 20 years. Her poems have been widely published in print and on the Internet. Her poetry collection Between One Future And The Next (Papier-Mache Press 1995) was followed by About A Year (Small Poetry Press in 1996). Just recently, Web Del Sol published her latest chapbook on the WEB. Her awards include "The Eve Of St. Agnes" (Negative Capability 1993 and 1994) and "The Ann Stanford Poetry Prize" (University of Southern California 1997). In 1997, Gale Research published her autobiography in the Contemporary Authors Autobiography series.

In addition to print publications, Jennifer Ley has had poetry featured on some of the better literary sites on the internet, including Recursive Angel, Grist On Line, Poetry Cafe, Agnieszka's Dowry, and Zero City. She also edits two highly visible, critically acclaimed web sites for poetry: Perihelion, on Web Del Sol, and The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks.

/lisa started writing poetry a few years ago--at the middle of her life--in response to feeling trapped in four walls. She started with a journal on the local freenet, slowly changing to a vertical form. She said she wrote vertically, but her friends called it poetry. A sort of local folk writer told her to write naked. She tried, but found it got kind of cold in the winter.

Brent Long is a writer currently living in Rhode Island. His poems have appeared in numerous publications including Cold Mountain Review, The Portable Plateau, and The Appalachian Review. In 1997 he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of The Portable Plateau. He did not win.

Ruben Quesada-Vargas was born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles, California and is of Costa Rican descent. He is a student, currently editing a Latin American poetry anthology and serving as a Poetry Editor of Mosaic Art and Literature Journal at UC, Riverside.

Duncan Ford Young is a meteorologist in the Navy and lives in Hanford, CA. He has poems forthcoming in Conspire Poetry Journal and Neurotic Buffet.