The 2River View 23.1 (Fall 2018)

New Poems by

Maggie Hess
I find my Sleeping body

Erin Carlyle
Burn in Reverse
This is Post Apocalypse

Clare Chu
The Raincoat

Mark Conway
in the disease that is ending
in the first bird

Caitlin Ferguson
Heroic Ballad
Only the Dead Grow Best in the Desert

Sandra Kolankiewicz
Like an Endless Base
Waiting for Rain

Josie Levin
What should we call you, now that you’ve risen from hell

Mark Prudowsky
Before Work
Doing Chores after a Lousy Day at Work

Jill Roberts
shattered reflection in the mirror
the absence of your presence beside me

Jonathan Scruggs
Ars Poetica after Looking at Andrew Wyeth Prints
Fall Purge

Rebecca A. Spears
A Hanging
And Lucky

from Sonora © 2018 by Richard Long

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