The 2River View 22.1 (Fall 2017)


Nina Sudhakar
We Are Not Made for Sea But for Sky

Walter Bargen
Damascus, KS
Lost Music

Christopher Alex Chablé
Meditation with Mayflies
Restorative Faith

Mary Crow
Theory of the Angelic Figure
Theory of the Human Figure

Morgan Eklund
Apologies to my Mother before my 28th Birthday

Ceridwen Hall

Sarah Denise Johnson
Sowing Sarah

Matt Mason
Where There Are Storms

Frank Montesonti
Arts Grant Proposal: Pound
Arts Grant Proposal: Remote Control

Patricia Nelson
Light that Purifies
Out of the Underworld

Phillip Sterling
The Nature of Salvation
“Observe Wildlife at at Distance”

Art by Thomas Park

Thomas Park is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives with his wife and children in the Tower Grove South area of St Louis, Missouri. His visual art combines abstract and street art traditions. blog

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