The 2River View 21.3 (Spring 2017)


Lauren M. Davis
Inside of Women
The Secret

Deborah Brown
Ghost Prattle
What I know about the Night Sky

Audrey Gidman
Meditation 51
Meditation 59

James Harms
Accidental Bohemian
From My Lips

L. I. Henley
My baby I love more than my husband
And would it matter if I could sift the truth

Lowell Jaeger
The Goat People
The Jesus People

Richard Pacheco
Blind Man
Fresh Coat of Paint

Sarah Wetzel
The Crow
Wanting It

Rodd Whelpley
Equus Poiesis
Middle Illinois

Donald Zirilli
American Glinda
Learning to Ride a Bicycle with Attendant Vulture

Photographs from Paupers' Graveyard, NOLA

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