The 2River View 19.2 (Winter 2015)


Heidi McKinley
New Year’s Drive

Randolph Bridgeman
reading to an empty room

Sarah de Sousa
The Garden of Forgotten Letters
Junin de los Andes

Mia Eriksson
A mini-crown of four love sonnets

Joy Ladin
Radio Haiti
My Father’s Pain

Estanislao Lopez
Digital Graveyards
The Very Wide Space Between Certainties

Rajiv Mohabir

Charles Rafferty
The Man with a Light at 3 a.m.
The Man with a Piano Strapped to his Back

Mark Schoenknecht
Dream Poem: Of Driving a Red Convertible with the Queen of the Underworld as My Passenger
Inside the Hoophouse

Sahara Smith
Stars and Sighing

David Wright
The Shallow Way
The Young Biologist on Her Honeymoon Ponders the Origin of Life

Ice Photography © 2015 by Drew Campbell


Drew Campbell is a member of the f/32 Photography Club in Asheville, North Carolina. He has exhibited his photography at various venues, including the Black Mountain Center for the Arts and the Swain County Center for the Arts. Campbell teaches photography classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School.