The 2River View 19.2 (Winter 2015)

Sarah de Sousa

The Garden of Forgotten Letters

It is no chance encounter
meeting you
in the garden
of forgotten letters

Spaciousness, O
gracious landscape
in which to build
this graveyard

Moonrise over the Mojave
A valley
full of monuments

In the beginning
we spoke
like creatures
of the desert, scavengers
even of ourselves

and now to find
you here
is to speak
the language of sowing

with which we bury
seeds, hunger
in a place
they cannot grow

Junin de los Andes

Last night I dreamed
of that windless day
at La Boca
The empty house
still there
meaning a life was possible
I am happy in this dream:
What perfect luck
that the elements should
to bring a windless day
a fisherman and his love
Like a mantra, I am chanting:
Alumine, Confluencia, Colon Cura
As if to preserve a myth
As if to call back a ghost
As if to witness your joy again
water like glass,
reflection of snow, volcano
line heavy with the weight
of a fish that does not know
it will live, you will let it go

Sarah de Sousa lives in Seascape, California. She is a dancer, educational counselor, step-mother, wife, and perpetual student of philosophy, literature, psychology, and meditation. contact

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