The 2River View

Anna Hurst


What pictures were you looking at? Was she
clothed? You said she was probably naked. She
was probably undressed. I know her legs were
spread. She was probably shaved. She’s lost
her hair, less like an animal. You are acting
just like an animal, rubbing rubbing rubbing
yourself while her legs are spread, she’s
naked and she’s lost her hair.

Husband, when I was young, my step-dad looked
at porn. He watched people stick fingers inside
of themselves really fast really fast. Don’t try this
at home. He tried this at home. Husband, when I
was sleeping, he opened my door, stuck his fingers
inside of me really fast really fast.

When I’m On All Fours

I’m screaming because it hurts. You
are smiling wide mouthed digging

and wanting more. When you go
to sleep, you sleep and do not see

me. She is standing on all fours, digging
and doing back to you, mouth widespread,

tongue ready. I’m undressing down
and waiting, flaunting and bending, I’m spread,

you’ve lost your eyes, I’ve found them
in books, in pants, and in her mouth, I’m

laying down in mud, sinking and fucking
the ground to death, it kills me, holding

and touching my body. I took your books,
I’ve read your words, something about beauty

and true and names. I want my bones to show
so you know my dedication to beauty.

Anna Hurst will graduate in May 2011 with a degree in Creative Writing. Hurst is the former editor-in-chief of Delta Journal, and founder of the Highland Coffees reading series in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. contact