The 2River View

New Poems by

Mitch Roberson
The This of That

Walter Bargen
Sigmund Road

Antonia Clark
Secret Sharer

James Grinwis
A Little Smoke
Roadkill Poem

Clark Holtzman
On Cox Road, Alabama, 1986
Moving Day

Anna Hurst
When I'm on All Fours

Robert Hill Long
Good Friday
The Swimmer

Martin Ott
Angel Blue
Children of Interrogation

Amy Pence
The Court of Two Sisters, 1968
My Friend Emile as Heron

Carolyn Foster Segal
The Island Postmaster's Daughter
Vanishing Point

Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon
Empire of Time
My Speaking to You Is a Song I Sing Softly

Art by Gabriela Vainsencher

Stadium Lights

Stadium Lights

Wish I Could Say You Were My First Choice

Wish I Could Say You Were My First Choice

Angry Fish

Angry Fish

Gabriela Vainsencher was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was raised in Tel Aviv. In 2005 she moved to Brooklyn, where she currently lives. She’s had solo exhibitions at Work gallery in Brooklyn and La Chambre Blanche gallery in Quebec City. Her work has been also shown at Pierogi gallery in Brooklyn, The Freies Museum in Berlin and D21 Kunstraum in Leipzig, among others. In 2008 she attended the Yaddo artist colony and in 2009 she was Williams College’s Levitt artist-in-residence.