The 2River View 22.4 (Summer 2018)

New Poems By

Scott Coykendall
After house painting I dream my dead brother comes in a rowboat

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
How It Was

Donald Illich
The Known Fires
Where the Child Belongs

Laine Elizabeth Kuehn
Without Keening

Elizabeth Landrum
Layers in the Litter

Michael Lauchlan
Yeats Calls

James Miller
August 2017
Two Approaches to Dead Time

Karen June Olson
A River
Voice Lessons from a Writing Class

Matthew S. Parsons
Betcha Didn't
Honky Tonka

John Sweet
notes of the aftermath
poem like the faded hearts of martyrs

William Walsh
Raising Flowers in December
Wine Tasting at Wilber and Rudy's Farm Table

Summer Art © 2018 by Maria Filopoulou

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