Gethsemane: Keep Awake

The guns across the river keep shooting.
The jerries are re-grouping in the woods.
I didn’t mean to leave you. They tell me
the war is over. But I can hear the guns.

Our platoon has drawn the enemy’s
attention. Yesterday, they shot Tom.
Death is our gift for the birthday of time.
I love the sun and stars more than most.

I never rest but watch the river, farms,
and mountains. I know every secret of month
and year. You are goodness. Life is
horror. I can’t smoke because of the danger.

I miss the easiness of bed and slumber.
On the third day of October, I sent you
a tender sign of fall, a shadow from
a tree outside my window. Do not hide

your face. Do not turn away in anger.
I have news that will make humanity
rejoice. Our days are hard.
God’s nights endure forever.

number 22 in the 2River Chapbook Series