Twenty-First Century Flint Mary Leonard

The Waker © 2002 by
Mark Flowers

About the Artist

Mark Flowers currently teaches at Mercersburg Academy. Prior to that he taught at an art school in Savannah, Georgia. He and Kristy Higby have a site for their studio at

About the Author

Mary Leonard is an associate
at the Bard College Institute
of Writing and Thinking and
teaches high school students
in an intensive three-week
summer program at Simon's
Rock College. She lives with
her husband in Kingston,
New York, and is presently writing a novel.


“Like an Abandoned Bumper Car” and "Silence is like a Series of Hyphens” first appeared in Hubbub.

“A Letter to My Mother” first appeared in Kota Press.

“A Meditation on the Secret of Life” and “Dominatrix of Pastis” first appeared in Miller's Pond.

“Twenty-First Century Flint” was entitled “Like Whispers Turning” when it first appeared at



A Letter
to my Mother

Century Flint

The Word for Spring

Silence is like a
Series of Hyphens

Like an Abandoned
Bumper Car

When an Old Friend
I Happened to Meet

Sweet Cherries

Dominatrix of Pastis

Where You Are when
I Am Far Away

A Meditation on the
Secret of Life

Thinking is a
Feeling that Passes

Directions For

Against the Wall

In What Tower

October 2002 2River