Sex With Trees and Other Things Equally Responsive Rebecca Lu Kiernan

I Will Make Love To You

Full speed ahead on a ski lift
Ever so gently atop an ivory mare
With perfect rhythm in a swaying tree house
Brazenly in a lunchtime parking lot
Cooperatively on a safari tram
With eyes rolled back in my head in the shark tunnel
Relentlessly when you are trying to edit a book
Medicinally when you have writer's block
Calmly behind a Prussian tapestry at a state funeral
Sympathetically beneath the broken cobalt willows
Covered in violet paint as we roll on a canvas
Under the grimace of gargoyles in a paint chipped gazebo
Comically in the heart shaped bed of a honeymoon suite
In a squeaky patched boat beyond the three-mile limit
With total abandon on a runaway train
Surprisingly when you are eating a ham sandwich
Through pink suds in a French antique claw-footed tub
Next to a crushed metronome in the orchestra pit
Under my red cape in the unexpected gray rain.
Oh, Sweet, the ways I will make love to you
Without hesitation, without mercy,
Without you, if necessary.

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