Sex With Trees and Other Things Equally Responsive Rebecca Lu Kiernan

A Virgin’s Last Day

Bodies are burning in this
     patched up boat,
the hissing of water snakes
     harmonizes with the
crickets’ trill. Too far apart
     to kiss, I hear our babies
whispering their names
     through angels’ feathers.

Your eyes affix me
     the jaws of life
could not detach them.
     Everything I say
is beautiful, funny
     or smart.

Am I wasting a life
     ’til this virtual
stranger defines me?
     Have I been loose-leaf
only now to be

What draws me to skip
     heels clicking ahead
of respectable measure?
     To close my eyes
against the blurring
     rather than squint?

Your charming smile
     launches, ricochets
down in the pale green
     unbroken lake.
Splashing, swirling,
the fish scatter
     knowing all
too well a hook
     when they see it.

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