the Gospel according to Thomas kris kahn

Closet #1 © 2001 by
Christopher Westfall

About the Artist
Christopher Westfall
has been exhibiting his homoerotic art and intimate
autobiographical essays at since 1996. He also produces experimental video shorts that play in gay/lesbian film festivals around the world.


inscription, from the
gnostic Gospel of Thomas

preface, or
after he spoke the word Suicide

selections from the Gospel


About the Author
kris kahn
has studied poetry
and literature at
Rutgers University and
New School University
in New York City.
His work has appeared in
The Cortland Review
Naked Poetry

and The 2River View.
He coedits
Sometimes City
from his home in
New Jersey.

About 2River
Since 1996, 2River
has been a site of
poetry, art, and theory,
occasionally publishing
individual authors in the
2River Chapbook Series
and quarterly publishing
The 2River View.

November 2001 2River