Fortune Cookies: Poems by Andrew Cox


1.) Down the long hallway are muffled voices of grownups. So long now since I wanted to go to such murmurs and eavesdrop, to overhear what I am not supposed to hear: the unimpressed women the overeager men. The grownups will not go home. The grownups do not know I am listening. The grownups do not know anything

2.) That dog was nothing to me … Cats are just charged particles … I'm making this up as I go along … I tried to mimic any number of people none of whom I admired … Most pandered to the present tense at the wedding … Good cheer earned the right to its underpinnings … We lived in the weather it did not live in us …Someone died … An 11 year-old girl cannot contain her happiness …

3.) A man's tag says blank: a blank sign informs no one, who drives by with a blank face, who turns the wheel onto the blank street no one knows his mind being blank. Half of half of half and so on until you arrive at the smallest half: half for you and half for me. Cut ten in half. Five is a magic number because someone told me so. This man is half a man his blank name tag says so.

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