A Note for Johnny Coral Hull


“we walked” “the driveway” “of soundless pines”
“together” “it’s deep” “emerald” “needles” “deeper than
midday” “it is here” “you care” “about me” “even
though” “gone” “I interpret” “you” “signals” “a rock” “a

tree” “a house” “a sky” “you move” “towards me” “do
your little things” “you care” “about me” “even”
“without” “you” “caring” “here” “you introduce us” “to
property” “boundaries” “open” “the gate” “it allows”

“us” “to pass” “through” “I shut it” “thank-you” “as if”
“it were” “relieved” “to return” “its origin” “of stillness”
“of being” “gate” “or connecting” “the paddocks” “or
fencelines” “or keeping“ “animals safe” “he closes me” 

“as he comes” “through” “he closes” “my life“  “fences
hiss” “either side” “with static” “silent bush” “that is”
“what” “fences do” “they survey” “paddocks”
“encompassing” “our childhood” “my children” “where”

“they grow” “by this house” “moving” “towards it”
“away” “from it” “they create” “tracks” “like cattle”
“moving off” “through scrub” “to waterhole” “fence to
cow” “cow to earth” “earth to wind” “windmill” “rotates

them” “ruffles” “an emotionless” “world” “scarecrow”
“off“ “highways” “by our trees” “water trough” “by
bathtub” “paddock” “dead beetle” “in water” “swim
now” “dam it” “swim” “breathe” “gates are linked” “into

arms” “more fences” “electric fences” “they stretch”
“down” “big slopes” “windy days” “clouds that swim”

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