A Note for Johnny Coral Hull


“would have left” “a note for you” “whilst you slept”
“so many things” “I could” “have done” “but had to run”
“and be named” “through the rocky paddock” “the
granite outcrops” “stretched” “my ankle muscle” “in the

opposite direction” “to how it” “operates” “today you
rested” “whilst I flew” “the clouds were blowing south”
“down the mountain” “as if everything” “was operating”
“backwards/forwards” “properties have a stretch to

them” “it’s in the way” “the wind moves down” “the
slopes” “the grasses” “and the shrubs” “the trees” “lean”
“towards that stretch” “the animals” “are blown”
“towards that stretch” “even the fences” “are built”

“down that stretch” “without the builders” “knowing it”
“this goes on” “and on” “it is the story” “of time” “for
now” “this stretch” “with the wind” “the mountains“
“skies” “air currents” “where the birds are stretched” “in

their flight” “stars emanate” “stretch light” “they arc the
sky” ” throughout” “the evening” “that is clear” “bright”
“windy” “they hang” “in all the different trees” “the
stars select” “the tree” “to hitch to” “they will be fruit”

“they are night fruit” “they illuminate” “the tree” “move
in” “from that” “they come to the earth” “with old light”

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